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Zero 7 - Zero 7 - Swing Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Zero 7 - Swing
Album:The best of Zero 7Genres:Chillout
Year: Length:240 sec


Thought Youd Be Forever The Same
when Did You Become So Easy To Change
cant Like Who I Wont
no, Thats Not True
i Do Know
just Cant Figure Out How To Pin Down
there Will Be No Unguarded Kisses,
let Go Of My Hand When Theyre Around
they Say Im Unsound
but What Do They Know
they Cant Figure Out How To Get Down
soon Enough I Wont Care
stay In My Arms, If You Dare
you Cant Romanticize
they Are Crazy
will Only Let You Down
try To Figure Out How To Keep You Down
theyre All Alone
i Will Keep You Down


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