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Dio - Scream Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Killing the DragonGenres:Metal
Year: Length:303 sec

Lyricist: Dio


You've made it through another day
Driving past the backroads of your mind
You could have turned the other way
And break down on the sanity you find inside you

Someone said that you are fantasy
But in the darkness behind your smile you scream
Scream for the crazy ones
Scream at the things you've done
Scream at the rising sun

We bless the beautiful
Let us forgive you for your sins
These must be holy ones
How could we believe they'd let us in

Oh once I heard that they were fantasy
But in the darkness behind their smiles they scream
Scream of a broken heart
Scream as they come apart
Scream 'cause they never started

No pain, no sympathy
You've always been so steady at the wheel
Some friend reality
You break down on the highway, about to see it my way

Scream at the crazy ones
Scream 'cause they all have sons
Scream as they point the gun at you

Scream at the bleeding heart
Scream 'cause the end won't start
Scream as you come apart again, again, again, again


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