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Song:Wildfire Lyrics Michael Martin Murphy
Album:The Best of Michael Martin MurpheyGenres:70s
Year: Length:292 sec

Lyricist: Michael Martin Murphey


She Comes Down From Yellow Mountain
on A Dark, Flat Land She Rides
on A Pony She Named Wildfire
with A Whirlwind By Her Side
on A Cold Nebraska Night

oh, They Say She Died One Winter
when There Came A Killing Frost
and The Pony She Named Wildfire
busted Down Its Stall
in A Blizzard He Was Lost

she Ran Calling Wildfire X 3
by The Dark Of The Moon I Planted
but There Came An Early Snow
there's Been A Hoot-Owl Howling By My Window Now
for Six Nights In A Row
she's Coming For Me, I Know
and On Wildfire We're Both Gonna Go

we'll Be Riding Wildfire X 3

on Wildfire We're Gonna Ride
gonna Leave Sodbustin' Behind
get These Hard Times Right On Out Of Our Minds
riding Wildfire


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