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Year:2004 Length:277 sec



Floating in a circle of illusion and deceit
drifting far beneath the skin
the taste of bitter sweet
giving into fantasies
playing every part
It's hard to break away from what
he says you are

He Calls you pretty little dum dum
he says he loves you but he lies
he says that you're the one one
but that's eleven in his eyes
whatever happens from one through ten
don't be a victim of his past tense
pretty little one one don't be a pretty little dum dum

A never ending silence
in a never ending sleep
walking through the darkness
complicated melodies
praying for a change of heart
and looking for a sign
it's hard to find the love you want
in broken time


It's hard to be what you wanna be
and you wanted to be the one
but you know that you have to run
your life's incomplete
it's so bittersweet
and you wanted to be the one
but you know that you have to run
it's hard to be what you want to be



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