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LOUDNESS - The Lines Are Down Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Lines Are Down
Album:Thunder In The EastGenres:Metal
Year:1985 Length:290 sec


You cry, darkness listens You hide, sudden sorrow Black and blue When fever builds inside you Your body shivers hot and cold at night Hold on tight You know the power's out You can't leave Now that your heart is pounding, energy Shattered, afraid to show it Don't let the crazy madness pull you in Fight to win Looks like your life is crashing You're on the razor's edge It's hard to know Don't let go The night is blowing cold You can't leave Twisted by silence and the agony * Lines are down everywhere Something's under the stair Lines are down The razor's edge Cry for me You cry darkness listens You hide, sudden sorrow fights at you Break on through Lights out, someone's watching Lookin' for the images to cut and run Load your gun One shot, squeeze the trigger Make them leave Left in the night, the only enemy [* Repeat]


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