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Song:If What You Say Is True
Album:The Saga ContinuesGenres:Hip-Hop
Year:2017 Length:236 sec


Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu-Tang sword style
If what you say is true
If what you say is true

The clouds was gray, the sky was black
Two undercover pigs jumped out the Pontiac
Trying to extort us, they wanna know where the money at
We countin’ the cream, my team get plenty stacks
Let the guards bill wherever we at
We attackin’ the mind state
We civilized niggas we don’t think of the crime rate
The mind’s infinite now, we can’t waste time
Take the ones that know the ledge, leave the rest behind
Salute, fall back in line
Here come the first nine out of the booth
Sparks of energy, create more life and more synergy
Forever is Wu, you can never set for the glue
Homie is Mathematical, beats is bangin’
All my lords get radical
Don’t blast the past homie, that’s equilateral
JJY, Killa Beez is splattering you
And everybody love us in here
It don’t matter who

[Masta Killa:]
(Look, look, look)
Shoulder rolling off the beat
Catch a `J, I kiss it and throw it back
Science is sweet and questional
This is Irief Jamal, unique professional
Blessin’ you a hundred mill flow
Steel tip arrow and bow, I pull and let it go
Look how the crowd go wild for this mic style
Wu World Clan united this how the reptile
Keepin’ us apart between some darts from the heart
Forever stayin’ mentally sharp, spark the brain
Physically equipped to tear you out the frame
I don’t play with this mic thing
But brings all of the above, I reign

If what you say is true

This is target practice, watch me get my darts off
Leave `em bleedin` out with they shoes and they socks off
Fit it on the sidewalk, this is real talk
Anybody could get it, I pop a couple shots off
Home of this smash and grab, I’m taking minds off the top
Doin` stick up, no mask, I got the drop
Run up on you, in front of your buildin`
Now you speak a bazillion
Gun you down right in front of your children
We bang out on a regular basis, or raise havoc face
Leave no shell, these open cases
My description, big black bodacious
All black, Wu, hoodie on with the go fat laces

If what you say is true

A rhyme is a struggle from conception
Series of complex maps in all directions
Totally dependent on an act of breathing
Learning, depending on an act of reading
The MC draws in a long, deep breath
Holding it until makin’ it right before it left
Extracted it from it is life-giving properties
We acting from it, and control the properly

If what you say is true
The Shaolin and the Wu-Tang
Could be dangerous

[Ol` Dirty Bastard:]
[?] gonna understand?
Now, do you understand?
The only way we can stay strong as we stick together
`Cause they gon` try, they gon` try
Let me tell you what they gon` try to do
And y`all remember the shit, y`all gon` tell them, fucking world
Teach all the babies and shit
They gon` try to make black and white go against each other
Which they can`t because we already having a good time

That was great! Wonderful!
Terrific duel! The best that I`ve ever seen


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