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Song:I can hear the darkness
Album:Feelin' GroovyGenres: 
Year:1967 Length:123 sec


I can hear the darkness falling, someone's singing songs of sadness
Searching for a silent silhouette
When I see the voices calling children in their candy castles
Quiet crystal clowns they can't caress

Ah, the touch of love surrounds me more as magic music mingles
In a raise of moment mixed within my mind
And the ice can't feel the pain inside of frame of flying, fighting fit
Before some fast of freedom shay device

If I could love her anymore I don't know how
I'd never have a heart right now
If I could find a little game that fits my mind
The answers are so hard for her to find

Walk along among the clouds which quiet groom in gardens are
And with regret into the flitter games
And I think and see the path below, I bow and burn the pole
With the broken melting parts is in my brain


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