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Song:Trudy Dies
Album:Lost Blues And Other SongsGenres:Folk
Year:1997 Length:267 sec


I haven't been sad now
For so many years
With no foe to fight
Death's all I feared
'Cause death could take you
Death could take you
And that's just what it do
That's just what it do

A bird in my ear
Was beaking away
About all the jewels
He'd come across that day
Jewels in the grass
Jewels in the grass
Where the worms used to be
Where the worms used to be

The cattle were lowing
They cried for your feet
The clouds were your arches
The cows were asleep
And they spoke of you
They spoke of you
As they laid there and mooed
As they lay there and 'moo'

The house walls are tighter
The bed it is small
Housing just one soul
Just one soul at all
Where it once held two
It once held two
Now it doesn't hold you
Now it doesn't hold you

The ride and I won't be
Towards working today
That's good, that's over
You are away
And now I'll undo
Now I'll undo
That's just what I'll do
That's just what I'll do


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