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Britney Spears - Dear Diary Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dear Diary
Album:Oops!... I Did It AgainGenres:Other
Year: Length:167 sec

Lyricist: Britney Spears


Dear Diary
Today I saw a boy
And I wondered if he noticed me
He took my breath away

Dear Diary
I can't get him off my mind
And it scares me 'cause I've never felt this way
No one in this world knows me better than you do
So diary, I confide in you

Dear Diary
Today I saw that boy
As he walked by I thought he smiled at me
And I wondered does he know what's in my heart?
I tried to smile but I could hardly breathe
Should I tell him how I feel or would that scare him away?
Diary, tell me what to do, please tell me what to say

Dear Diary
One touch of his hand
Now I can't wait to see that boy again
He smiled and I thought my heart could fly
Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends?
Yeah oh, I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends.


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