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Uriah Heep - Real Turned On Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Real Turned On
Album:...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'UmbleGenres:Progressive Metal
Year:1970 Length:221 sec

Lyricist: Uriah Heep


Girl before you go now, there's one thing I wanted to do.
______________________, cause I want to make love to you.
You got me real turned on - yes you have.

But there's something in your eyes telling me you have to go.
Something in your eyes, but you're trying not to let it show.
You got me real turned on.

Next time you come over, I'll buy you a bottle of wine.
Just take a little drink and everything will turn out fine - yes it will.

Whoa baby, do you know what I have in mind?
Can you guess what it is or do you want it underlined?
You got me real turned
got me real turned
got me real turned
got me real turned on


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