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Pink - Don
Song:Don't Let Me Get Me
Year: Length:211 sec

Lyricist: Pink


Never win first place
Don't support the team
I can't take direction
And my socks are never clean

Teachers dated me
My parents hated me
I was always in a fight
Cause I can't do nothin right

Every day i fight a war against the mirror
I can't take the person staren back at me

I'm a hazard to myself
Don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy

It's bad when you annoy yourself
So irratateing
Don't wanna be my friend no more
I wanna be somebody else

La told me you'll be a popstar
all you have to change
is everything you are

tired of bein compared
to *that* brittany spears
she's so pretty
that just aint me

so doctor doctor wont you please perscribe me something
bein the life of someone else


Pink Don't Let Me Get Me


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