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Song:(end of) Travelling
Album:Lost Blues And Other SongsGenres:Folk
Year:1997 Length:151 sec


If you are sleeping Millie, you are okay
It won't be me that wakes you up today
Opening these eyes, taught me fresh
That I should let you crash

Well, close 'em and I'm gone, sleep on
Let me go, o Millie o

One town beyond, I'll lay me down
You go on and close them on this town
I will be happy to close my eyes
On new places or half close them with new faces

And if you are chillie Millie, it is okay
You've got enough blankets to warm you in some way
The chill reminds me soon that some other one will swoon
Oh oh

I'll go to Mississippi and the last one will be there
Hitching up her skirt in a wood ladder-back chair

O Millie o


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