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Album:A Kiss in the FunhouseGenres:Rock
Year:1999 Length:286 sec


Little time is left to catch my train
So don't talk about the things you know I can't explain
I strike a match and light another cigarette
Hoping for the kind words I'm sure I will not get
'Go, my love, and think you're not alone'
'I'll wait right here, in the promised land of our home'

I thought I'd lay down all the worries past
I thought a love like ours was surely meant to last
Nothing's really happened to prove me wrong
Only days when we get tired of singing the same song
So park the car and let your best friend go
Best was good enough for you not that long ago

With so little time spare
It's a miracle you should care
For your boy

I'm not the kind of man to walk the streets
With a picture of the loved one he's left between the sheets
Should I need an image to remember you
You'd know the string had snapped and I'd drift away for good
On my fingers lingers your smell
To all unknown I still caress the gentle swell

With so little time to spare
It's a miracle you should care
For your boy


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