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Hank Williams - Window Shopping Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Window Shopping
Album:40 Greatest Hits (CD 2)Genres:Country
Year:1988 Length:152 sec

Lyricist: Hank Williams


Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. Words and music by Marcel Joseph INTRO: [C] [G7] [C] [G7] [C] You're Window Shoppin' Just [F] Window Shoppin' [C] You're only lookin' a-[G7] round [C] You're not buyin' [F] You're just tryin' To [C] find the [G7] best deal in [C] town. [C7] You [F] give away your kisses But you [C] never give your heart To [D] anyone who's fool enough to [G] fall ...[G7] [C] You don't feel love You [F] don't want real love [C] You're Window [G7] Shoppin' that's [C] all. Repeat both verses.


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