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Song:Love Starved
Year:2013 Length:284 sec


I was looking for love baby in all the wrong places
Trying to put a square pet into a circular hole
Trying to recreate something I felt back in my youth
A long, long time ago when life was beautiful

Settling for some things that just weren't me baby
Trying to turn pain into ecstasy baby
Just when I thought I could never be truly happy baby
The sky turned blue, and then it came you

Baby I'm love starved, hungry for real love
Wishing on a star, looking for pure love
With a heart that's true,
Need a confident protection boy
Love's all for you

Baby I'm hungry, thirty for love
Baby I'm love starved

Hunger pains and I was thirsty
Seem like all the time
No one could fulfill the empty spaces in my mind
You're the kind of guy that turns a gray sky colorful
That's why I love you so, deep down inside my soul

Just like on a circle sweetness in a candy store
You're everything I want in a man and so much more
Stop, look, listen to your heart, hear what it's saying
That's the one who walking down to lover's lane

Baby I'm love starved, thirsty for real love
Wishing on a star,
I still wait to send me somebody sweet and kind
Need all of your provision shall
And I will find

Hungry for real love
And here you are, thirsty for somebody
With a heart that's true
Need a substance baby, I'm starving for you

Wake up girl it's time for you to recognize
Open up your eyes it's time to realize
Hungry quite in love will make you so all alone
Make you feel like a stranger in your own home

If you're hungry for real love baby
Come round here
If you're looking for real love sugar
Baby just come right here
If you're feeling thirsty or lonely
Come round here
If you're love starve for me boy
Baby just come round here

I'm love starved, I'm hungry for you


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