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Song:The Perfect Feeling
Year:2013 Length:349 sec


Two spirits passing through time
How did yours connect with mine?
Just like the songbird sings so sweet

Your love is lifting me
That's why I believe your hint of healing
For this is the perfect feeling

Follow your rainbow to the eastern sky
Saying gentle river run wild
Ooh sacred river flows the Ganges

Pure as un-driven snow
I pray that our hearts will meet
Believing that this is the perfect feeling

Come, join me now in harmony
By the light of heaven's ecstasy

I know you and I feel you floating inside of me
Loving is sweet, so sweet, so sweet
So sweet

Time waits for no one, I am sure
That I've been you love long before
Light me a candle and I'll do the same
And I'll love you wild and unrestrained

Hoping that our hearts revealing
In light of the perfect feeling

Come inside me
I've been waiting for you all my life
Don't you know?
Here in my dreams
I've been you
And you have been me
Hit me, hit me now

Come inside me
I've been waiting for you all my life
Hit me, hit me now
This is the perfect feeling
My love cannot hide


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