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Loretta Lynn - Miss being mrs Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Miss being mrs
Album:Van Lear RoseGenres:Country
Year: Length:180 sec

Lyricist: Loretta lynn


I lie here all alone,
In my bed of memories
I’m dreamin’ of your sweet kiss,
Oh, how you loved on me.

I can almost feel you with me,
Here in this blue moonlight,
Oh, I miss being Mrs., tonight

Like so many other hearts,
Mine wanted to be free,
I’ve been put here every day,
Since you’ve been away from me

My reflection in the mirror,
It’s such a hurtful sight,
Oh I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh I miss being Mrs. tonight
And how I loved them loving arms,
That once held me so tight,
I took off my wedding band,
And put it on my right hand,
I miss being Mrs. tonight.


Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight


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