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Genesis - Many Too Many Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Many Too Many
Album:Platinum CollectionGenres:Pop
Year: Length:215 sec

Lyricist: Genesis


Many too many
Have stood where I stand
Many more will stand here too
I think what I find strange
Is the way you built me up
Then knocked me down again

The part was fun
But now it's over
Why can't I just leave the stage?
Maybe that's because
You securely locked me up
Then threw away the key

Oh mama
Please would you find the key
Oh pretty mama
Please won't you let me go free
I thought I was lucky
I thought that I'd got it made
How could I be so blind?

You said good-bye on a corner
That I thought led to the straight
You set me on
A firmly laid and simple course
Then removed the road

Oh mama
Please help me find my way
Oh pretty mama
Please lead me through the next day

I thought I was lucky
Oh I thought that I'd got it made
How could I be so blind?
Oh no...


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