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Song:Girl Youll Be A Woman Soon
Album:Pulp Fiction SoundtrackGenres: 
Year: Length:190 sec

Lyricist: Pulp Fiction Soundtrack


On the inside there is a man there strapped in a black chair Ask him his name and he'll say: I AM THE LATE ALPHA OF ELECTRIC OMEGA TRIED AND FRIED DOWN IN GEORGIA BUT MY BODY WON'T DIE - HIT ME AGAIN! Fried on the inside but alive on the outside Two-minute warning sounds Enthrowned is a killer He's dubble dead now I'M WALKIN' DOWN DEAF ROW DON'T WANT MY MAMA TO KNOW HER LITTLE CHICKEN TOO YOUNG TO FRY Are you scared of dying? I DON'T MIND IF I GO Tell me why you're crying? I DON'T KNOW - HIT ME!! Tell me Alpha Stephens boy, what'd you try to pull? Southern white girls are sacred so then why'd you lose control? PLUG HIM IN NOW NOW - ALPHA DUBBLE DEAD NOW


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