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Golden Earring - Track 6 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 6
Album:The Very Best Of Golden Earring 1965-1976, Vol. 1Genres:Other
Year:1988 Length:207 sec


From The Albums
The Naked Truth
Last Blast Of The Century

silver Like A Fish Slappin' On My Tongue
speak To Me The Way You Do
hide Me All Summer In Your Arms
hold Me The Way I Like You To
you Fill My Cup Ãtill It's Crackin' Up
the Button That Says Alarm
says Me I'm Not Supposed To
be Like A Champ That's Going Down
fighting To Get Close To You
everybody Gets Up Excited By Love
the Sight Of The Ring, The Sight Of The Blood
i Can't Sleep Without You (4 X)
referee's In Black And He's In Shock
the Judge Is Hammering For Some Solid Proof
my Heart Keeps Racing Like A Clock, Yeah
i Can't Sleep Without You
i'm Like A Timebomb, Ready To Go Off
in My Head And In My Heart
the Ligt Keeps Fading In The Dark
it's Like A Nightmare That's Comin' True
i Can't Sleep Without You
i'm Crazy In The City, It's Just Not Fair
send Me To My Corner, And You're Never There
i Can't Sleep Without You
i Can't ...............


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