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Marillion - Punch & Judy Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Punch & Judy
Album:5 Album SetGenres:Rock
Year:2013 Length:203 sec


Huddled In The Safety Of A Pseudo Silk Kimono
wearing Bracelets Of Smoke, Naked Of Understanding
nicotine Smears, Long, Long Dried Tears, Invisible Tears
safe In My Own Words, Learning From My Own Words
cruel Joke, Cruel Joke
huddled In The Safety Of A Pseudo Silk Kimono
a Morning Mare Rides, In The Starless Shutters Of My Eyes
the Spirit Of A Misplaced Childhood Is Rising To Speak His Mind
to This Orphan Of Heartbreak, Disillusioned And Scarred
a Refugee, Refugee


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