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Song:Groovin' (Sunday Afternoon)
Album:Groovin' Sueño, Type Single}], Title Sueño}], Score 0.981818}, {id 1a2159ef-E9df-4886-A091-7ca2d33f74b1, Recordings [{artists [{id 219ce30a-0f3a-468c-9a13-55ee358ac0f0, Name The Young Rascals}], Duration 148, Id 7dd210cf-B49f-44b3-9eca-0dc472333846, ReleGenres: 
Year: Length:148 sec



my Eyes Convinced, Eclipsed With The Younger Moon Attained With Love.
it Changed As Almost Strained Amidst Clear Manna From Above.
i Crucified My Hate And Held The Word Within My Hand.
there's You, The Time, The Logic, Or The Reasons We Don't Understand.

sad Courage Claimed The Victims Standing Still For All To See,
as Armoured Movers Took Approached To Overlook The Sea.
there Since The Cord, The License, Or The Reasons We Understood Will Be.

down At The Edge, Close By A River.
close To The Edge, Round By The Corner.
close To The End, Down By The Corner.
down At The Edge, Round By The River.

sudden Problems Shouldn't Take Away The Startled Memory.
all In All, The Journey Takes You All The Way.
as Apart From Any Reality That You've Ever Seen And Known.
guessing Problems Only To Deceive The Mention,
passing Paths That Climb Halfway Into The Void.
as We Cross From Side T

down At The Edge, Round By The Corner.
close To The End, Down By A River.
seasons Will Pass You By.
i Get Up, I Get Down


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