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U.D.O. - Stillness of Time - Live Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Stillness of Time - Live
Album:Navy Metal NightGenres:Hardrock
Year:2015 Length:404 sec


The Wind It Turns Away
gives Me A Chance To Have My Say
and My Tears That Fall
are Broken By The Raging Storm
no Stones Been Left Unturned
in The Castle Of The Legions
not A Soul Thats Not Been Burned
in The Elemental Regions
a Drop In The Ocean
a Star In The Sky
a Leaf In The Forest
a Grain In The Wild
a Cloud In The Heavens
a Moment In Life
that You Wanna Capture
in Stillness Of Time
the Silent Breath Of Night
is Turned By Early Morning Light
here And There A Call
a Spirit Feeds Your Desperate Soul
silver Rain That Falls
and Mighty Waves The Seasons
golden Skylight Calls
and Dream A Million Reasons


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