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Aerosmith - 03-Chip Away The Stone.mp3 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:03-Chip Away The Stone.mp3
Album:Pandora's BoxGenres:Rock
Year: Length:241 sec


You Act Like A Prima Donna
playing So Hard To Get
sittin' So Cool And Nonchalant
draggin' On A Cigarette

you Keep A Wall All Around Ya
'n I'll Get Through Some Day
'n I Want Your Love Babe If Push Comes To Shove
gonna Chip That Wall Away

chip Away
chip Away At The Stone
i Won't Stop 'til Your Love Is My Very Own
chip Away
that's What I'm Gonna Do
sweet Little Mama I Wanna Get Next To You

you Stand Like A Marble Statue
trying To Look So Hard
all Decked Out In Your Antique Dress
while The Boys All Promenade

even A Rock Will Crumble
if You Strike It Night And Day
if Hammer I Must, I'm Gonna Get Through Your Crust
gonna Chip That Stone Away

chip It, I'm Gonna Nip It, All Night Long


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