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Song:Bird of Prey (2016 - Remaster)
Album:SalisburyGenres:Hard Rock
Year:2016 Length:255 sec


I Can See That Look That Sends Me Where
you Try To Move In Closer If You Dare.
so I Will Sit And Play My Waiting Game.
and For A While I Know You'll Do The Same.
oh No!

watches Like An Eagle From Its Tree,
then Like A Bird Of Prey She Captured Me.
but I Am Older And More Wise Than You.
bird Of Prey - Straight Into Me You Fool.
oh No!

now Every Time I Try To Set Her Free - Yeah! Ooh!
i'm Glad To Say She Comes Right Back To Me - Ah!
but If I Knew She Didn't Want To Stay - Yeah! Ooh Ah!
i Wouldn't Try To Keep That Lovely Bird Of Prey - Ooh Ah!
ooh Ah


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