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Harry Belafonte - Tol
Song:Tol' My Captain
Album:The Very Best Of Harry BelafonteGenres:Traditional
Year:2001 Length:166 sec


Told my captain
My hands was cold
Said 'Damn your hands, boy
Let the wheelin' roll'

I asked my captain
To give me my time
Damn old captain
Wouldn't pay me no mind

I raised my hand
To wipe the sweat off my head
Captain got mad, Lord
Shot my buddy dead

The captain walkin'
Up and down
Buddy's layin' there dead, Lord
On the burning ground

If I'd a had
My weight and line
I'd a whipped that captain
Till he went stone blind

If you don't believe
My buddy is dead
Just look at that hole
In my buddy's head

The buzzard's circlin'
'Round the sky
Know that captain
Sure is bound to die
Sure is bound to die


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