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Song:Suicide (First Mix)
Year:2003 Length:480 sec


I woke up to a feeling, it was cold by my side
You had gone with the sunrise, leaving tears in my eyes
I got up with a feeling of an emptiness inside
To the noise of the sidewalk and the silence of my mind

Well I walked out this morning, down a street with no name
To a club called 'The Loser', like a dog that's gone lame
Took the club elevator to the floor with a view
I took out life subscription - it's the only one they do

I stepped out on the guard rail, saw the crowds slowly part
Heard a voice shouting 'Don't jump, please for God's sake let me move my
Felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a voice cry 'Just in time!'
Felt the quick push, felt the air rush
Felt the sidewalk, fell in line


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