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Song:Whatever Happened To True Love
Album:Picture ThisGenres:Rock
Year:1982 Length:197 sec


Hey I know it's a modern world
And everybody's living for today
But you and I were gonna be the exception
Remember what you said Let'em all drop dead
Now all your friends are telling you that they
Have all been through this many times before
Listen I don't care what anyone else does
I only want to know where did our love go

Whatever happened to true love?
Why does it never ever work that way?
Whatever happened to true love?
Is it really such a price to pay?

And was I really such a crazy fool
To think that we were different from the rest
And you say you're sure this is really the best thing
Hey don't make me laugh; I'm the other half
Some people always paddle up the stream
And on a whim some others change their mind
I don't wanna sound like an old love song
I only want to know where did our love go


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