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Glass Tiger - Someday (Dub Mix) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Someday (Dub Mix)
Album:Thin Red LineGenres:Pop
Year: Length:389 sec


Someday (Frew, Connelly, Vallance)
When I come home
You telephone, and say
You're waiting for me.
I ask you why, I hear you cry, but
You're still waiting for me.

You'll be shedding your tears
To cry over me
I'll be losing this fear.
Now I'm alone
You telephone and tell me you don't need me
I ask you why
You tell me lies and say the truth would hurt me.

Down in the streets where lovers meet
That's where I'm waiting for you.
Oh! In the streets, where lovers meet.
I'm still waiting for you.



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