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Melissa Etheridge - Track 05 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 05
Album:Yes I AmGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:281 sec


So You Walked With Me For A While
bared Your Naked Soul
and You Told Me Of Your Plan
how You Would Never Let Them Know
in The Morning Of The Night
you Cried A Long Lost Child
and I Tried On I Tried To Hold You
but You Were Young
and You Were Wild


but I, I Will Never Be The Same
oh I, I Will Never Be The Same
caught In Your Eyes
lost In Your Name
i Will Never Be The Same

secrets Of Your Life
i Never Wanted For Myself
but You Guarded Them Like A Lie
placed Up On The Highest Shelf
in The Morning Of The Night
when I Woke To Find You Gone
i Knew Your Distant Devil
must Be Draggin' You Along


and You Swore That You Were Bound For Glory
and For Wanting You Had No Shame
but I Loved You
and Then I Lost You
and I Will Never Be The Same



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