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Opus - Crazy World Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Crazy World
Album:Walkin' On AirGenres:Rock
Year:1992 Length:216 sec


Born in the cellar
We played there for years
Had no rockefeller
Just friends who paid for a few beers
Hunger for fame
Made song sfter song
And then it came
For what er are workin' hard
For so long
Crazy world
Our miller said ' that song will
Not be a thrill'
Uh - crazy world
Life can be so easy, won't you trust in
Me girl

Crazy world - you're always
On my mind
Crazy world - you gonna make
Me blind
You're my shell and I'm your
Little pearl
Crazy world - uh crazy world

Life's goin' on
Years are passing by
All that we won
A better contract ans the
Blue sky
Seen through the eyes of
Workaholic guys
Always on standby
But we want to get right
Feeling now
Crazy world
Got to get a song to drive them
Crazy again
Uh - crazy world
The chance to miss the magic is
Nine times out of ten

Crazy world - you're always on my
Crazy world - you gonna make me blind

You're my hat and I'm your little
Crazy world - uh crazy world


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