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Def Leppard - Action - Revised Version Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Action - Revised Version
Album:Retro ActiveGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:222 sec


So You Think You'll Take Another Piece Of Me
to Satisfy Your Intellectual Need
do You Want, Do You Want...action

gonna Bring You Down Cause You're Pushin' Me
you Gotta Recognize My Superiority

liar, Liar
you Know You Believed It
liar, Liar
cause I'm The Main Man
and That's Why...

everybody Wants A Piece Of The Action
everybody Needs A Main Attraction
i Got What Everybody Needs
satisfaction Guaranteed
everybody Wants A Piece Of The Action

i Was Suicidal Cause She Was My Idol
baby Baby Baby Bring It To Your Knees
well There Was A Time I Would Have Walked The Line
don't You Bring Me Down With Your Insatiable Greed

[repeat Bridge]

[repeat Chorus]

do You Want... Action!! Action!!
everybody Wants, Everybody Needs
everybody Wants, Everybody Needs

[repeat Bridge And Chorus


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