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Gary Numan - Emotion [CD Mix] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Emotion [CD Mix]
Album:1993 - Machine & Soul [Extended]Genres:Electronic
Year:1993 Length:582 sec


Look Up
look Down
i've Seen It All Before
i Need Emotion

look Left
look Right
i've Tried It All Before
i Need Emotion

say Nothing
it's Over
i Sold My Soul

she's Tempting
sex Tension
it Could Be The Wrong Move

one Question
one Answer
i Don't Need

i Don't Know
the Slogan
new Fashion Kills Me

tear It Up
it Don't Mean A Thing So
tear It Up Good

touch Me
picture This
it Don't Mean A Thing So
touch Me
life Is Cruel

how Did This Ever Get Serious

one Night
one Touch
i've Used Them All Before
i Need Emotion

one Lie
too Much
i've Heard It All Before
i Need Emotion

i'll Show You
some People
disgust Me

listen To
i'm In A Glass House

'i've Been Sick'
she Whispers

my Picture
i Only Work Here

i Need Emotion


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