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Song:Track 4
Album:The Romantic Collection [disc 4]Genres:Pop
Year: Length:196 sec


It's Impossible . . .
tell The Sun To Leave The Sky,
its Just Impossible . . .

its Impossible . . .
ask A Baby Not To Cry,
its Just Impossible . . .

can I Hold You Closer To Me.
and Not Feel You Goin Through Me,
split The Second,
that I Never Think Of You,
oh! How Impossible . . .

can The Ocean Keep From Rushin To The Shore
its Just Impossible!
if I Had You, Could I Ever Want For More
its Just Impossible!

and Tomorrow , Should You Ask Me For The World,
somehow I'd Get It . . .
i Would Sell My Very Soul,
and Not Regret It . . .
for To Live Without Your Love,
its Just Impossible!

impossible! ( Hmm )

original Music And Spanish Lyrics By
canache Armando Manzanero, 1970
with English Lyrics By Sid Wayne


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