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Song:Suspicious Mind
Album:I Love Music - HeavenGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:240 sec


Your Going Away You Stay From Hell
don't Be Stupid No Im Not Upset
have You Got All You Need
enough To Eat And A Book To Read
i Hope You Have A Wonderful Time
here's A Stamp Just Drop Me A Line
if You Meet Somebody That You Like
remember Who You Left Behind

dont Ask Me To Choose Hon-Ey
theres Such Alot We've Got To Do
dont Ask Me To Choose Hon-Ey
cause Either Way We Stand To Lose

its A Risk Weve Got To Take
though It Could Prove A Grave Mistake
honesty When Love May Break
the Very Least It Will Just Change Its Shape
and By The End Maybe Its To Late
an By The End Maybe I Will Hate You
for Leaving Me On The Ground

repeat Till End
leaving Me On The Ground


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