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2000 - 030-Blaque_&_Nsync-Bring_It_A Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year:1999 Length:218 sec


There U R
lokin As Fine As Can B
in Your Fancy Car
i Can Tell Your Lookin At Me
what U Wanna Do
r U Just Gonna Sit There And Steer
baby Talk To Me
tell Me Whats On Your Mind Babee Ohh

oh Baby Bring It All To Me
but I Don't Need No Fancy Cars Or Diamond Rings
oh Baby Bring It All To Me
give Me Your Time Your Love Your Space Your Energy

baby Whats The Deal
would I Be To Forward If I
told U How I Feel
thats Just The Way I Do My Thing
im So For Real
r U Feeling My Temps My Baby Jeans
my Thug Appeal
do U Like It If A Man Can't Keep It Real Oo Ooh Ooh


i'll Put My Pride To The Side
just To Tell You How Good U Make Me Feel Inside
theirs Not A Single Question That We Can Make This Right
cause Its U I Need Every Day And Night Oh Ooh Oh

chorus To The End


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