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Song:Yin & Yang (Remastered)
Album:Delectus The Polydor & Vertigo Recordings, 19731985Genres: 
Year: Length:362 sec


Wish You Were Here

so, So You Think You Can Tell
heaven From Hell, Blue Skies From Pain
can You Tell A Green Field
from A Cold Steel Rail
a Smile From A Veil
do You Think You Can Tell

and Did They Get You To Trade
your Heroes For Ghosts
hot Ashes For Trees
hot Air For A Cool Breeze
cold Comfort For Change
and Did You Exchange A Walk-On Part
in The War For A Lead-Role In A Cage

how I Wish, How I Wish You Were Here.
we're Just Two Lost Souls
swimming In A Fish Bowl, Year After Year.
running Over The Same Old Ground.
what Have We Found The Same Old Fears.
wish You Were Here.


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