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Song:Once Upon a Time
Album:Sing To Me, Mr. C.Genres:Pop
Year:1961 Length:233 sec


Once Upon A Time,
a Girl With Moonlight In Her Eyes,
put Her Hand In Mine,
and Said She Loved Me So ...
but That Was Once Upon A Time,
very Long Ago!

once Upon A Hill,
we Sat Beneath The Willow Tree,
counting All The Stars,
and Waiting For The Dawn,
but That Was Once Upon A Time,
now, The Tree Is Gone!

how The Breeze Ruffled Through Her Hair,
how We Always Laughed,
as Though Tomorrow Wasn't There ...
we Were Young,
and Didn't Have A Care,
where Did It Go

once Upon A Time,
the World Was Sweeter Than We Knew,
everything Was Ours,
how Happy We Were Then ...
but, Somehow, Once Upon A Time,
never Comes Again!


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