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Aretha Franklin - It Ain
Song:It Ain't Necessarily So (Album
Album:Sony Jazz PortraitGenres: 
Year:2000 Length:185 sec


It Ain't Necessarily So
it Ain't Necessarily So
the Things That You're Liable
to Read In The Bible
it Ain't Necessarily So

now David Was Small But, Oh My
yes, David Was Small But, Oh My
he Fought Big Goliath
who Lay, Lay Down And Dieth
yes, David Was Small
but, Oh, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa My

you've Ever Heard 'bout Jonah
he Lived In A Whale
you've Ever Heard 'bout Jonah
he Lived, Lived In A Whale
and He Made His Home In That Fish's Abdomen
yes Jonah, He Lived In A Whale

to Get Into Heaven
don't Snap For A Seven
live Clean And Don't Have No Fault
and Take Me, Yeah, Take That Gospel
whenever It's Possible
but With A Little Grain Of Salt

methuselah Lived 900 Years
methuselah Lived 9,900 Years
but Tell Me Who, Who Calls That Living
when No Gal Is Given To No Man
what's 900 Years

that's Why I Say That It Ain't
it Ain't Necessarily
it Ain't, No, Necessarily
it Ain't, It Ain't Necessarily So

ain't Necessarily So
ain't Necessarily So
ain't Necessarily
ain't Necessarily
ain't Necessarily


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