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Song:I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Album:Prime Country CutsGenres:Country
Year:2000 Length:246 sec


I Could Stay Awake Just To Hear You Breathing,
watch You Smile While You Are Sleeping,
while You're Far Away From Dreaming,
i Could Spend My Life In This Sweet Surrender,
i Could Stay Lost In This Moment Forever,
every Moment Spent With You Is A Moment I Treasure...

don't Want To Close My Eyes,
i Don't Want To Fall Asleep,
'cause I'd Miss You Baby,
and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing...
'cause Even When I Dream Of You,
the Sweetest Dream Would Never Do,
i'd Still Miss You Baby,
and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing...

lying Close To You Feeling Your Heart Beating,
and I'm Wondering What You're Dreaming,
wondering If It's Me You're Seeing,
and Then I Kiss Your Eyes, And Thank God We're Together...
i Just Want To Stay With You In This Moment Forever,
forever... And Ever...


i Don't Wanna Miss One Smile,
i Don't Wanna Miss One Kiss,
i Just Want To Be With You Right Here With You, Just Like This,
i Just Want To Hold You Close,
i Feel Your Heart So Close To Mine,
and Just Stay Here In This Moment For All The Rest Of Time...
yeah (Yeah!)
yeah (Yeah!)
yeah (Yeah!)

[chorus X2


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