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Saturday Looks Good To Me - Underwater Heartbeat Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Underwater Heartbeat
Album:All Your Summer SongsGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year:2003 Length:116 sec


You've been listening for a heartbeat underwater
You say you swore you heard it start last night
I wonder if you're right
Walk me down the street
Sit me on your front porch swing
And sing me something sweet until I fall asleep
You'll drive till you crash
But you always seem to want to go so fucking fast
That nothing ever lasts
And you just end up sleeping with the past
Something's always missing
And you know you're moving too slow
It feels like dancing on wedding rings
When there's no difference between diamonds and glass
Someday soon all the flowers are gonna bloom
And when they do, I'll be looking for you


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