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Five Finger Death Punch - 100 Ways to Hate (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:100 Ways to Hate (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix)
Album:American Capitalist [Deluxe Edition]Genres:Heavy Metal
Year:2011 Length:191 sec


I Hate You God Damn Mutherfucker Shitty Ass Bitch
i Hate The Way You Got My Back While You Holding Out Your Hand
i Hate The Way You Pussies Talk Shit Hiding On The Web
i Hate The Fact You Think You Know Me Makes Me Fucked Up In The Head
hate Your Nails Hate Your Hair I Hate The Fact I Even Care
i Hate The Way You Said You Love Me But You Fucking Weren't There
hate Your Friends Hate Your Folks I Hate You Stupid Fucking Hopes
ain't No Way I'd Try To Change When The Whole Thing Was A Joke

i Hate You That's A Understatement
i Hate You For Who You Are
i Hate You And All You Stand For
i Don't Care Anymore
i Gave You 100 Chances
you Gave Me A 100 Ways To Hate


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