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Song:Diggin' My Own Grave
Album:GOT YOUR SIXGenres:Rock
Year:2015 Length:188 sec


Feels Like I'm Running In Place
a Past I Can't Erase
i'm Breaking, Breaking Apart
(I Know They're After Me)

it's Like I'm Fading Each Day
they Took It All Away
left Nothing, Nothing But Scars
(They Make It Hard To Breathe)

don't Know Where It Went Wrong
but My Love For This Is Gone

i Tried To Numb The Pain
but I Can't Get Away
hiding Behind This Disguise
the Games I Had To Play
the Hell I Had To Pay
everything Comes With A Price

you're Waiting For Me To Fail
that Ship Will Never Sail
keep Pulling And Pushing M
lyrics Is Being Cut In The Unregistered Version


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