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Song:Brooklyn Zoo
Album:Disciples Of The 36 Chambers Chapter 1Genres:Classical
Year:2004 Length:172 sec


Shit Word
I bust that niggas ass right now
Ain't none of those niggas can fuck
What nigga you can never fuck me my nigga
I'll fuck you up right now
What what what
I'll bust your motherfuckin ass boy I ain't no Motherfuckin Joke
Know who you talkin' to Ol Dirty Bastard
Know what I'm sayin'
I'll fuck you up right now yeah
What What What
O'l Dirty
(He ain't sayin' nothin' fuck him)

I'm the one man army Ason
I never been tookin out I keep MC's lookin' out
I drop science like girls be dropin babies
Enough to make a nigga go crazy
Energy building takin' all types of medicine
Your ass thought you were better than
Ason, I keep planets in orbit
While I be comin' with deeper and more shit
Enough to make ya, break ya, shake ya ass
As I create
Rhymes good as a tasty cake mix
This style I mastered in
Niggas catchin headaches what what you need aspirin
A type of pain you couldn't kill with Midol
Fuck around get sprayed with the lysol
In your face like a can of mace baby'
Is it burnin well fuck it now your learnin
How I don't even like you Motherfuckin profile
Give my my fuckin' shit (click click) Pow
That's when you know
No one knows you forget niggas be quiet as kept
Now you know nothin' before you knew a whole fuckin' lot
Your ass don't wanna get shot
Alot of MC's came to my showdown
TO watch me put your fuckin' ass low down
Now you should go
Below the ropes
With outa doubt I never been tookin out
By a nigga who couldn't figga yo by a nigga who couldn't figga yo by a nigga who couldn't figga
Nigga who couldn't figga
How to pull a fuckin' gun trigga so get the fuck outa here
Niggas wanna get to close to ja upmost
But I got stacks that attack any wack host
Introducing yo fuck that nigga name
My hip-hop drops on your head like rain
And when it rains It pours to the ryhmes hardcore that's why I give you more of the raw
Talent that I got will result to swat MCs I be burnin burnin hot
Whoa ho ho
Let me like slower with the flow
If movin quick ow you just won't know
I'm homicidal when ya enter the target
Niggas get up act like a pig tryin' to hog shit
So I'll take yur ass out quick
The mics are mad at my nigga
You can suck my dick
If you wanna step to to my mother fuckin' rent
(Chik chik) Bow Bow Bow Blown to death
)You got shot cause your knock knock knock
Whose there another motherfuckin hard rock
Slackin' on your mackin' cause raws what ya lack you want to react bring it on back

Shame on you when you step through to the o'l dirty bastard
Brooklyn Zoo
Brooklyn Zoo
Brooklyn Zoo
Brooklyn Zoo
Brooklyn Zoo
What my nigga


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