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Martigan - Parts Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Ciel OuvertGenres:Rock
Year: Length:394 sec


Twilight on my lazing brain
Seeks for warmth and cools my veins
Floating breath in freezing throat
Times in black shirt, pants and coat

Nothing did change
- What do you think about my part

What made that change on you
- Do you think our future's through?

Harming tunes to December rain
Creatures that feature their actual pain
Graveyards crowded with souls in a loss
Of jolly good friend

Roll that golden sunny way on
Which thou ought to touch the bow
Feed the trees you'd never let grow
Leave to seek the world a new

Three trombones that'll hitchhike home
Blow black men's blood among the pale
Daylight fades out the scene too fast
Time for laughter jokes and loves


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