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Martigan - Ciel Ouvert Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Ciel Ouvert
Album:Ciel OuvertGenres:Rock
Year: Length:457 sec


What, then, will it be
Our Ciel Ouvert to see
While handling my crayon
It paints all on its own

See me - being bigger than me
Riding on the peak degree
I'll invent the firmament a new for you

They're getting straight up to the peak
'Cause daylight's short, too short for the weak
They love the daylight and die with the night
Whole creativity depends on the light

How high, then could we fly
If money sets the genius free
The roof is smashed - a step ahead
Perfection might get thinkable

Now light my spirit beyond a roof of glass
'Cause it's to me - 'cause it's to me -
Smash all the ceilings and smash all the walls
'Cause it's to me - Ciel Ouvert

How far, then, could we try
Encouraged by a clear blue sky
While handling my crayon
It paints all on its own


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