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WAYLON JENNINGS - Track 12 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 12
Album:Lonesome, On'ry & MeanGenres:Country
Year:2003 Length:205 sec


Verse 1
everybody's Going Away
said There Moving To L.a.
there Ain't A Soul I Know Around
everybody's Leaving Town

verse 2
some Caught A Freight, Some Caught A Plane
find The Sunshine Leave The Rain
they Say This Town Will Waste Your Mind
i Guess They're Right Cause It's Wasted Mine

some Got To Win, Some Got To Lose
good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

verse 3
my Old Heart Keeps Telling Me
you Ain't No Kid At Thirty Three
you Play Around And You Lose Your Wife
play Too Long And You Lose Your Life

verse 4
i Got My Pills To Ease The Pain
i Can't Find A Thing To Ease The Rain
sometimes I'd Like To Try And Settle Down
but Everybody's Leaving Town



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