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Insane Clown Posse - The Bone Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Bone
Album:Bang! Pow! Boom!Genres:Urban
Year:2009 Length:234 sec


Has the jury reached a verdict?
Yes, your honor
We find the defendant guilty on all counts

The bailiff came at me with a pair of cuffs in his hand
He was taking me to jail, but that wasn't my plan
I broke the arm off my chair, stabbed him hard as I can
He got the bone... HE GOT THE BONE!
I jumped over the others and kicked the door down with my feet
Ran down the steps and headed right into the street
Waved down a car, the driver stopped and looked at me
He got the bone... (Get out, bitch!) HE GOT THE BONE!
I hit the gas and I'm swerving in and out of my lane
Coppers on my tail, I'm driving like I'm insane
Old man up in the street, crossing slowly with his cane
He got the bone... HE GOT THE BONE!
Smashed into a post, I jumped outta my car
Hopped over a wall, running through someone's yard
Ran into a house, the father tried to be hard
He got the bone... (Bone muthafucka!) HE GOT THE BONE!

Why do they fuck with me?
When I'm having fun? (They get the bone!)
Why do they fuck with me?
When I'm on the run? (They get the bone!)
Why do they fuck with me?
Cause I ain't the one? (They get the bone!)

I busted out through the front doors and I booked down the block
The neighbors joined the chase, someone's shooting a Glock
The mailman tried to stop me, but I picked up a rock
He got the bone... (Whoa, hold on!) HE GOT THE BONE!
Police screech around the corners with they red and blue lights
I threw some fucking nerdy off his ten speed bike
But the kid was an athlete and he wanted to fight
He got the bone... (Fuck you!) HE GOT THE BONE!
I ran into a restaurant, bust into the kitchen
Workers on my ass and the cooks, they was bitchin'
A hero blocked the door, I grabbed a knife did I mention?
He got the bone... HE GOT THE BONE!
Out into the alley, took the stairs up to the roof
Chopper busting shots at me and I ain't bulletproof
I threw a rock up at the gunman and blew out his tooth
He got the bone... HE GOT THE BONE!


Cut through the parking lot, I ran up into the mall
Pigs, people, cars, cooks, choppers, and all
Throwin' shoppers off the escalator, watching 'em fall
They got the bone... THEY GOT THE BONE!
Absolute pandemonium all over the place
Everybody drop they shopping bags and join in the chase
When a cop tried to tackle me, got kicked in the face
He got the bone... (Let me go!) HE GOT THE BONE!
Stole his fucking golf cart and bust through the glass
Sideswiped a mannequin and cut across the grass
Some fucking kid ordered me to stop, I plowed his ass
He got the bone... HE GOT THE BONE!
Police shot the tires out, my ride is a joke
I’m surrounded by an army, quickly losing all hope
I threw my ninja poof ball, disappeared into the smoke
They got the bone... (Where'd he go?!) THEY GOT THE BONE!


[Girl Scout]
Hello, mister! I hope you weren't sleeping! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

[Deep-voiced man]
Oh, cookies, huh? That sounds really good right about now...What kind do you got?

[Girl Scout]
Oh my gosh, you sound really scary! Why do you sound like that?

[Deep-voiced man]
What do you mean, sweetie? Do you have any Samoas? Or just them thin mints?

[Girl Scout]
Maybe I should sound really weird and I'm scared!

[Deep-voiced man]
Wait... what about them Tagalongs? Can I at least get a box of them bad boys? Say, what the fuck you wake me up for then, bitch?


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