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Insane Clown Posse - Dog Catchers Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dog Catchers
Album:The Mighty Death Pop!Genres:Urban
Year:2012 Length:107 sec


[Intro - Violent J:]
Yeah, bitch!

[Verse 1:]
[Violent J:]
You's a glorified snitch with a nucular mullet
I got the name 'Dog' engraved on my bullets
Your wife look like a wrestler with fat fake pumpkins (Ha ha)
She look like the type that like to give you a blumpkin!
Your kids are on meth and you've got crank breath
I wish you'd come for me I'd introduce you to the death (Pop!)
Fuck your damn lecture, I'm the dog catcher
Come to the D I'll bet you leave on a stretcher!

Bigot ho, racist fool, pedophile, name it
Rolling in that Humvee, late on the payment
Arresting drunk fucks for twenty-five bucks
Wearing night time sleveless T-Shirt tux
Sucks to be you, a fake Rambo with no gun
Not even a stun one, you not in the run
From yelling stop but I don't, you beg but I won't
You best to go home and score a 8-Ball of dope!

[Violent J:]
Man, fuck your advice who wanna listen? Stale!
To a fucking bigot snitch on your way to jail!
I heard you got arrested and raped in Mexico
The way your blonde wig flow, they did you like a ho! (OH!)
Who would be surprised if your wife had a dick?
Not me, I halfway expect that shit!
Just the way you like it, Thunder Cat hairstyle
Dog the bigot bitch found dead on 8Mile

Get a job at Walmart, hall security guard
You could have my jurisdiction and act just as hard
Quit chasing bail, jumpers, jay-walkers and drunks
Before you get your hair blown off into skull chunks
You ain't a cop, you's a flop, get the fuck off my block!
You a racist, you can fucking suck off my cock!
Bounty hunter, you wanna bust me, I bet ya
But you met your motherfucking match ho, I'm the dog...


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