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Song:Die 4. Dimension (Album Version)
Album:Best Of 1990 - 2005Genres:Pop
Year:2005 Length:317 sec


your Attention Please!
a Newsflash Has This Moment Arrived From The Malabar Front!
our Forces In South India Have Won A Glorious Victory!
i Am Authorized To Say That The Action We Are Now Reporting
may Well Bring The War Within Measurable Distance Of Its End.
here Is The Newsflash...
times 17.3.84 Bb Speech Malreported Africa Rectify
times 19.12.83 Forecasts 3 Yp 4th Quarter 83 Misprints Verify Current Issue
times 14.2.84 Miniplenty Malquoted Chocolate Rectify
times 3.12.83 Reporting Bb Day Order Doubleplusungood....


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